Welcome to Your Webcam Goddess!  This website is filled with all types of information pertaining to me Sarabi Maraj.  For those who don’t know me, I’m a webcam model, phone sex op, texting addict, and fetish enthusiast.  I also love to write erotica.  I created this site so those who follow me can learn more about me without all of the hassle(even though I am well worth the trouble).
Contact me by email at sarabimaraj@gmail.com and also make sure to follow me on twitter @ebonycamempress.

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Who is Sarabi Maraj?

I’m a one of a kind Pro Domme living in Texas who knows exactly what she wants and how to get it.   Ever since I was a teenager I knew that I was a Goddess.  Guys would worship my huge figure and tell me that they would do anything and everything to get close to me.  At first, I wasn’t sure of the powers I possessed to make men weak.  It was when my mature next door neighbor gave me $1,000 to sit on his face for an hour when I realized that I was a true Goddess.  Now at the age of 27, I continue to use my powers to train both male and female slaves.

I expect nothing but the best.  I’m not the type to go seeking out slaves.  Slaves come to me.  I don’t need you or your money.  You want to give it to me.  You enjoy giving me all of your hard earned money and giving me the best that money has to offer.  You understand that it’s not much, but you just hope that one day I will be satisfied with your little efforts.

I DO NOT accept every sub or slave who contacts me. If you don’t know how to send a giftrocket or Amazon gift card to sarabi@yourwebcamgoddess.com, then I cannot help you.  Sending a tribute is a must once I see your true intentions.  If I think you can be of use to me, I will then create a login and password for you to access my daily training website for my slaves.  It’s intense training and is only for the serious sub or slave.  All assignments must be completed on a daily or weekly basis.