Serving Online – Financial Domination

There is a common misconception when it comes to my sessions and what I provide. People sometimes assume that since I offer real time sessions, that I will book an appointment with anyone who sends me an email. I only book real time sessions with those who have served me online first. It takes time to build up trust on both sides. I am by no means an “insta domme.” I didn’t get into this fetish because I saw $$$ signs. I’ve been active in the bdsm community for years and have studied every fetish to the best of my ability. I don’t half ass anything and expect all of my subs and slaves to live up to their roles. This goes into my next topic of conversation.

I do not tolerate timewasters. I have no problem chatting with potential servants to feel one another out first. That does not mean I will talk to you for hours without receiving a tribute. It must be understood that although I enjoy the bdsm culture, my time is not free. When you send me an email expressing your interest in serving me, it is understood that you know I am a findom and must always receive compensation for my time. My real time sessions have a set price and are non negotiable. You may find that you cannot afford rt sessions, and that’s fine. You can serve me online and be placed on a tribute schedule. I am open to discussing what you can afford. Even if it’s only $20/week that’s something.

Email me at only when you’re ready to serve.