New Webcam Goddess Updates!

So I’ve been extra busy! However, that’s still no excuse for neglecting my sites and updating them properly. I promised myself I would create a new blog post every week from here on out so that’s what I’m going to be sticking to. I have a few new sites in the works. One will be specifically for texting, one for my videos chats, one for my weekly vlog, and a couple other financial domination sites. People often ask me why I insist on creating so many sites. I do this so my presence can be known all over the world wide web. I’m not your ordinary ebony financial dominatrix, but you should know that already.ebony financial dominatrix

I’ve been receiving a large number of messages on collarspace lately from both timewasters and authentic subs. I had one good piggy send me a $500 amazon gift card for him simply looking at my wonderful verification video on collarspace. He didn’t want anything in return. Just like it’s hard for domme’s to find genuine subs and slaves, it’s hard for financial pets to find real financial dommes.

Insta dommes are popping up left and right and have no true knowledge of the fetish. This makes it hard for everyone who actually has studied financial domination. This is why I don’t necessarily demand money right away when I chat with potential human atms. I like to get to know a little about you before I demand all of your money and become your personal accountant. So with that being said, email me at with any questions you may have.