Getting your wife cucked has been the highlight of your day, every day, for the past week.  When you first called me after your wife found all of our sensual email communications, you thought that would be the end of her.  Little did you know I already had a talk with her and let her know just how all this would go.  I told her that she would not only be okay with me sexting her husband but she would watch as he jerked off to me on cam.  Your dick instantly perked up once you heard that I have full control over your wife.  You never knew someone could possess so much power.

Now that your wife is bound to me, you’re not going anywhere.  You’re going to stay right here and enjoy the view as your wife begs for the attention that you so effortlessly offer to me.  My curves have you in a trace and forcing your cucked wife to watch as her husband is aroused by another makes this experience worth it.

I have a special night planned for us.

Call me at 833-589-TITS

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